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What better way to cherish your special day than with a 3D Printed wedding cake topper. Even better, you get the topper with your actual face printed on the models. See our options below.

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1. You get a choice of 4, 6 or 8 inch figurine.

Final customization is at our discretion. We will print everything to accurately represent the customization you choose but within realistic depictions. For example, if you choose 6 in TOPPER HEIGHT, and STYLE 1 (see below), the Groom will be at 6 in high and the Bride will be +/- .25 in shorter. On body styles, we will do our best to depict proportions that are pleasing to the eye.

2. Choose a custom height (Taller Groom, Smaller Groom or both the same height)

3. Choose from three body Styles

Body Style Bride 1 Body Style Bride 2 Body Style Bride 3

Body Style Groom 1 Body Style Groom 2 Body Style Groom 3


The topper comes with a base that can include text, this option is FREE.

For example, you can place the names of the bride and groom and the date and location of the ceremony. (The placement of text will be adjusted to fit in the best possible position.)

4. You can upload your photo to be placed on model*

*You will be sent an email with a link to UPLOAD your files after payment (use the confirmation code for reference on the message window.)

Order your 3D prints today, you will be amazed at this new dimension in print!

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